Ear mites in dogs – pictures, symptoms, treatment

Ear mites in dogs – pictures, symptoms, treatment

Many dog owners are faced with a situation when they are calm and obedient pet is literally starting to go crazy trying to scratch his ears with his paws or on in house items. Often such non-standard behavior of the animal due to severe itching caused by ear mites. Ear mites is a parasite that resides in the ear of a dog or cat and feeds on skin tissues. A parasitic disease called Autodelta or ear mange. Looks like ear mites in dogs? To see firsthand the parasite is very difficult, but possible to detect traces of his life. If the eversion of the ear are observed brownish discharge or crust, it is a reason to go to the vet and be tested.

Ear mites in dogs
Ear mites under a microscope

Causes otodektoza

The disease causes small insect which is almost impossible to detect with the naked eye. It, getting on the inside of the ear of the animal gnaws its way in the epidermis and sits there. This happens very quickly.

Ear mites are not able survive for long periods without a host, so infected dogs is possible only from another dog or cat, in rare cases, from contaminated objects and grass. There are cases when the tick on their clothes in the house brings.

Important! To determine that the dog is autodeks is quite simple. If skin lesions are located only in the ear, it is a sure sign of the presence of ear mites. If the dog is vigorously scratching his paw or belly, that the pathogen is likely another.

Ear mites is not just unpleasant “guest” on the dog’s body, as it represents a real danger to health. Otodektoz spreading rapidly across the ear that affects the tympanic membrane and is able to penetrate it deep into the ear canal.

The disease is not detected in time, can result in the following consequences:

  • defeat parasite of the tympanic membrane;
  • hearing down to absolute deafness;
  • disruption of the meninges;
  • the syndrome of Horner.

Dangerous ear mites just in case, if it is found later. Time identified the disease is perfectly treatable and most often goes unnoticed.

With the defeat of ear mites dog is often itchy
With the defeat of ear mites dog is often itchy

Symptoms of having ear bream in dogs

As mentioned above, to identify the parasite as soon as possible. Even if the tick will not disrupt the normal operation of the ear and will not penetrate through the eardrum, the metabolic products can cause the dog poisoning. Pet will need on an emergency basis to give the drugs to maintain the liver and other internal organs. Particularly at risk in this situation, the puppies, old and weak animals.

First symptoms appear a few days after getting the tick in dog’s ear. The dog begins to feel a strong discomfort in the ear and shakes his head, trying to shake malevolent insect.

Usually after that appear the following symptoms:

  • ear dog begins to bleed, so how hard it is scratching on different objects or the foot;
  • the dog bows his head to the side ear of the patient;
  • the animal becomes quiet, quiet sleep and appetite, there is a rapid weight loss;
  • inside the ear and in the ear canal accumulate dark highlight and dark brown. This discharge is ear wax, mixed with lymph and feces of the parasite.

If all or almost all the signs were discovered, as soon as possible to consult a doctor. Early treatment will allow four-legged friend to avoid complications and to shorten the recovery period.

Do not try to treat the dog themselves and to buy drugs, even if you are certain of the diagnosis, because some diseases can cause some similar symptoms. The vet will take the epithelium to the analysis and will reveal the presence of the causative agent of ear mange (if any), and then prescribe the necessary drugs.

At first sign of symptoms or the detection of ticks, your pet needs a vet
At first sign of symptoms or the detection of mites your pet needs a vet

Treatment of ear mange

After confirmation of the diagnosis dog treatment at home drops and ointments. Treatment consists of such stages:

  1. You first need to get rid of secretions and dirt in the ears. To do this, gently remove dirt with a cotton swab moistened with hydrogen peroxide. If there are scabs, they need to first soak and then gently scrape. Rip off the crusts not! The animal is experiencing severe itching or discomfort and may be afraid to turn my head, so it is important not to cause him additional pain.
  2. After cleansing to apply a medicine. The duration of treatment prescribed by a doctor, you can not stop it if there is a visible improvement. Minimum use drops and ointments depends not only on the state of the animal, but also on the duration of the life cycle of itch mite. The drugs must kill not only adults (after their death there comes an obvious improvement), but also their eggs.
  3. If you are using drops, the veterinarians suggest after cleansing the ear to make a soft massage to trigger blood flow and to ensure that the beam penetration into the skin.
  4. Puppies up to two months contraindicated most antiparasitic drugs, so they drip in the ears less effective, but safer way. Treatment and procedures should be conducted by the veterinarian, examined necessarily also the mother of the puppy (most likely, the baby caught it from her).
  5. Is often required the additional use of anti-inflammatory and antifungal drugs if the wound became infected and harmful microorganisms.
  6. For a speedy recovery for dogs and the recovery of her health the vet prescribed a special vitamin complex.

The range of drugs to help get rid of the ear mite is large enough. The most common ointments are Aversektinovaâ and Amidel-gel, low –Dekta, African, Amit, Ciples, Actovegin. The selection of the drug and determine the dose needs to deal exclusively with a doctor. These funds are toxic and not suitable for all animals. A wrong dosage can cost the health and life of your pet.

Important: Ear mites in cats and dogs can not be treated with folk remedies without consulting with a specialist. Most of the methods that you can find on the Internet, is detrimental not only for the tick, but also for the animal.

During treatment it is important to carefully handle all the carpets, bedding, favorite places dogs and her toys, as parasites can “migrate” to things and then return to the animal. If the dog is in the apartment not one, then the other Pets must also be treated with special agents in the prevention.

The vet will examine the dog and prescribe the correct treatment
The vet will examine the dog and prescribe the correct treatment

Prevention of ear mange

Fully insure your pet from infection by the ear mite is impossible, since the dog needs to go outside. But to not have the extra time to heal, it is necessary to take preventive measures.

You must regularly inspect the ears of dogs to see the first signs of the emergence of ear scabies. Not to confuse the dirt and sulphur from the waste products of the mites, you need to regularly (once a week) to clean ears with a cotton swab dipped in hydrogen peroxide.

For prevention, you should regularly inspect the ears of the dog to notice the first signs
For prevention, you should regularly inspect the ears of the dog to notice the first signs

You need to keep your dog as little as possible in contact with stray cats and dogs, as they are often carriers of various parasites. In warm time of the year the dog may become infected with ear mange, “slipping” of the parasite of grass. If the court of winter, the threat is just other animals.

To reduce the probability of infection, the vet will recommended for dogs with a special protective collar, and periodically use a special shampoo.

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