Fleas in dogs – symptoms and treatment, effective means

Fleas in dogs – symptoms and treatment, effective means

Fleas in dogs are a common problem which prevents to live normally, not only the pet but also its owner. From Contracting fleas is not insured by any one dog because they are almost everywhere (in the burrows of animals, the lawns and glades, nurseries, as well as other animals). Even a simple walk is a potential danger to your pet if it has not been previously protected from these insects. In addition, fleas and their larvae can be brought into the house on shoes and clothing. In this regard, many conventional breeders or dog owners wondering how to bring fleas in dogs?

From infected fleas, no one is immune, especially dogs
Street dog parasites lurk at every step, so you should pay due attention to the protection of the pet

Than fleas dangerous to dogs?

Before you start to treat a dog from fleas, or proceed to preventive measures, you should find out what the danger to Pets carry fleas?

Primarily when infected fleas, the animal becomes very restless, as the constant movement of insects and their suction to the skin causes severe itching. Because of this, the dog is constantly itching and chewing on themselves, licking. Also a cause of constant scratching the skin of the animal can have an allergic reaction to a flea bite. In the saliva of fleas there are various allergens that affect the immune system of the animal. Because of the constant scratching the skin in the body, pet may join secondary microbial infection which can lead to dermatitis and pustular diseases of varying severity. Such pathological state requires a long and high-quality treatment as well as constant monitoring of the condition of the skin of sick dogs.

In addition, the insects that are parasitic on dogs present a danger to humans, because a flea without a dog needs something to eat to sustain their livelihoods. Of course serious infectious diseases of the dog flea the person did not cause, but pleasant effects from it bites a little. Some people, like dogs, can develop an allergic reaction to the bite of fleas. In the spot where bitten by a flea, would be rendered much itchy redness. Also, some fleas can cause severe inflammatory reaction with edema of the skin, which is called acropilis. This condition requires prolonged treatment.

Also, fleas are a source of spread of worms called Dipylidium caninum. This parasite lives and multiplies in the body of fleas. The body of the dog he gets when the animal while licking the crack a flea and swallows it. Passing through the digestive tract, the worms attached to the mucosa of the small intestine and there multiplies actively. In addition to the disruption of the digestive tract, the worms also brings a lot of problems pet, which is manifested by itching in the anal area, pain in the abdomen. The dog loses weight, you may give up eating and active play, quiet life she can only dream of. Therefore, together with the removal of fleas necessarily have to treat the animal for worms.

A flea in the fur of dogs

How to identify fleas in dogs?

There are some specific signs that will indicate that your dog was infested with fleas. These include:

  1. During the dog begins to itch, hair spilling small specks of black and white.
  2. When combing pet insects remain between the teeth of the comb are frequent and interfere with the normal brushing.
  3. In the open areas of the skin of the animal appear pink stripes from frequent scratching, which can eventually swell. The dog constantly tries to lick these spots to reduce the itching and pain.
  4. While swimming insects are often localized in the head or neck, jump into the water in large groups.

If you find the above symptoms then should immediately adopt special measures and bring fleas. No need to delay the methods of pest control, because fleas multiply very quickly and can lead to severe conditions in your pet. In addition, these parasites can quickly move through the house and biting people.

The first step is to carefully handle the sleeping place of the dog and her toys. All items are well cleaned, wash or shake out. At a strong contamination by insects all carefully processed using special funds for pest control. Also carry out wet cleaning of the premises if the animal lives in the house or apartment. Good at cleaning carpet, upholstered furniture, because these items often absement fleas. Sick dogs should be sure to show the vet for the appointment of a quality treatment with special means. It should be remembered that any processing of pet against fleas and ticks should be repeated several times in accordance with the instructions of the drug, as it is necessary to kill not only adults, but also their eggs.

To identify fleas in dogs is very simple

What is the remedy for parasites to choose?

Now, there are many different means by which it is possible to bring fleas in dogs at home. There are three main types of funds, which include:

  1. The means to destroy adult fleas – insecticides.
  2. The methods that prevent infection – repellent.
  3. The combined funds mixed – collars.

All medications against fleas contain in their composition substances that repel and kill harmful insects, or promote their excretion of the skin surface of the dog. They are well and optimally packaged, so very convenient to use. In addition, such tools are effective and safe for most dogs.

Important: the Remedy fleas and ticks for dogs should be applied very carefully so it does not hit on the mucous membranes of the mouth and eyes, as most of them are poisonous.

In veterinary drugstores you will find dozens of effective means of fleas
In veterinary drugstores you will find dozens of effective means of fleas

Effective remedies for fleas in animals

It is worth noting that these funds cannot be used for procedures too shallow rocks. For breeds such as Chihuahua, Yorkie, toiterjeru and the like, this treatment has a big risk for their life. But how you get rid of fleas from dogs with low weight? Owners of miniature dogs best suited Butox-50.

  • The drug is front line (Front line). This tool is of French origin and is produced in the form of drops or spray. They include: fipronil (9.8%) and S-methoprene (8.8%). Is effective not only against adult fleas, but also against their larvae and eggs. Spray against fleas and ticks for dogs applied to the skin spotlights in the region of the withers. The poison is not absorbed into the bloodstream and only going in the sebaceous glands. After the treatment the animal must not be washed for two days. The expected protective effect in a month. The tools are there are contraindications. So this drug is not used for puppies under 10 weeks of age, and for sick adults. Possible vomiting after contact of the drug into the oral cavity of the pet. During procedures must adhere strictly to the following precautions. Remember that smaller breeds have a limited weight. The minimum allowable weight of not less than 2 pounds. But in this case, it is enough for a couple of pipettes for the full treatment. Be careful because there is a chance you will encounter a fake front line. In practice, to distinguish such a remedy is impossible, but you can help just checking the batch number. In order not to fall for the fake, buy the drug only proven the point of sale.
  • The Drug Stronghold (Stronghold). These drops from fleas and ticks for dogs is based on the solution of 6%/12% selamectin sold in pipettes. Drugs with different concentration are color differences in the cap, so 6% solution has a pink cap, and 12% blue. Applied drops on the withers (between the shoulder blades and at the base of the neck) directly on the skin of the pet. Before the actual application should push the wool to the drug easily fell on the skin. Effective against fleas at any stage of the life cycle (adults and larvae) and also against some other blood-sucking insects. The dose is calculated per kilogram weight of the animal at 6 mg selamectin per 1 kilogram of dog’s weight.
The drug is front line (Front line) is one of the best remedies for fleas in dogs

Remember that the manufacturer (Pfizer Animal Health, United States of America), recommends not to stroke the animal after treatment with vehicle for 30 min. For the first day of the medication kills all the adult insects and also retards the development of the larval forms. After 30 days produce a second treatment with a prophylactic purpose. Drops from fleas for dogs. completely harmless to life and health of the pet, they are safe for the bitches, lactating or pregnant women, and puppies over 6 weeks of age. Their use is not recommended in case the pet is relaxed or the day before had been ill with infectious diseases. After the procedure should wash your hands. Children are not allowed to dog the first few hours. The minimum allowable pet weight 2.6 kg.

  • Bars. Drops from fleas bars, which include PYRETHROID, permethrin. The drug enters the bloodstream, making it toxic to fleas and within a month, leading to their death. Bars flea for dogs is a relatively harmless drug, but it is not used until 2 months of age. One pipette is enough for an animal weighing 10 kg. a dog up to 2 kg, for the treatment enough 20 drops. The price of the drug is relatively low compared to foreign counterparts, and that made it so popular. It is believed that this is the best tool among the cheapest.

Cons drops

Even with such a high performance drugs from fleas and dogs have considerable disadvantages:

  • A fairly high price.
  • Toxicity to humans.
  • Some contraindications.

In this case, it makes sense to highlight Butox 50. It is quite cheap, but performance is not inferior to their counterparts. Its main advantage is that it is less dangerous and suitable for small dogs and dogs.

The collars against fleas
The collars against fleas

The collars against fleas

How long poison for the fleas started to put on the collars as a flea shampoo, spray, drop is not as convenient and easy as we would like. Flea collar has its “pros” and “cons”.


  • The medicine does not fall inside the animal;
  • Special treatment is not necessary;
  • Protection reliable long term;
  • There is no limit to water procedures.

Popular and affordable collars to combat fleas are Hartz, Beaphar, Kiltix, and, Bolfo, you can buy them at your nearest pet store or the drugstore.

Flea collars for dogs do not use for puppies under 6 months of age, dogs older than 10 years, sick or debilitated, or pregnant (including false) and lactating. May develop dermatitis have overly sensitive pet.

In addition to the collars and drops are also used pills from fleas. We should also highlight the feature called “Brevetto”. The drug is used to prevent infestation of fleas and ticks, as well as a means to fight demodicosis.

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