How to determine if there are any worms in the dog: symptoms of infection

How to determine if there are any worms in the dog: symptoms of infection

Hardly anyone will try to dispute the fact that the vast majority of dogs living in the house and not receiving periodic anthelmintic, are infected with worms. Worms in dogs often do not cause severe symptoms and for careless owners remain long unnoticed.

Worms often at the initial stage do not manifest themselves
Worms often at the initial stage do not manifest themselves

However, it is known that some species of helminths (e.g., Ascaris) can be transmitted from dogs to humans. According to this, twice a year, pet owners recommended a mandatory prevention of worms in dogs. You must promptly withdraw the uninvited guests from the body of your four-legged friend to protect him from serious health problems and themselves – from the dangers of infection. Even at home you can yourself give the dog a pill or apply a drop on the withers. Modern drugs from tapeworms to dogs, toxic to parasites but safe for your pet – naturally, when you observe the correct dosage.

It is important to remember! Even if you have no idea how to look like worms in dogs, never seen them or their eggs in the feces of your pet; and even if your dog breed is not room leaves the apartment, and she has no signs of the disease — it does not mean that the animal has no parasites!

Worms people often bring shoes, clothes and even hands. Transmission of helminth infections not only from animal to person – the opposite is also true. What should I do to avoid this? Do not neglect the timely prevention, after all, give the dog a tablet from worms is much easier than to treat the illness in its late stage. In addition, such treatment may result in incomparably expensive than the cost of a tablet from worms to dogs.

Infection can occur not only from animal to human, and Vice versa

What is the worms as they enter the body of the dog

Worms is a parasitic worms, well adapted to life at the expense of the animal host. Signs of worms in dogs begin to appear already with a strong infection and severe intestinal toxicity. Basically, the disease occurs with lightly symptomatic, every day more and more weakening and poisoning your pet. So you need not to wait for that moment when the insidious parasites will clearly show their presence, and in a timely manner to prevent.


The catch can and adult dogs and little puppies. The worms settle in the internal organs of the animal, causing the development of many diseases. First of all, they cause depletion of the animal, but in some cases, affect the brain, the pulmonary system, the liver, the blood, provoke the development of abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases, etc.

The puppy is infected with worms, stunted, susceptible to infectious agents and often sick, in some cases, alas, helminth infections lead to the death of little puppies.

Puppy who is infected, stunted, potatow to different infections
Puppy who is infected, stunted, susceptible to different infections

As the disease evolves

Most types of worms live in the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans. But some of them may settle in other organs: liver, pancreas, and sometimes even in muscle tissue.

In addition, not all kinds of worms from settling in the intestine. For example, the nematode worm is known that its larvae migrate, penetrate through the gut wall into the bloodstream, and gradually reach the organs of the respiratory system, where there are. Upon reaching the adult stage they leave the lungs with a cough, then fall again when ingestion of mucus in the esophagus. Returning to the intestine, in the body of the grown larva is transformed, and the light re-appear round worms.

Helminthiasis refers to diseases of the whole body, even if hit by only one body. Waste products and disintegration of the worms cause animals allergic reactions and intoxication. Absorbing a considerable part of the nutrients, get dog food, they deprive the animal of the source of energy, causing exhaustion and sometimes death.

Helminth infections affect the entire body and often lead to serious consequences
Helminth infections affect the entire body and often lead to serious consequences

Resistance to infections by worms from infected dogs would be much lower than in healthy controls. An infectious agent can enter the body along with worms, and may be developed later by reducing the immunity in diseased dogs during activation of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microflora already existing in the animal organism.

In the most severe forms of the disease occurs in puppies. In their little intestinal worms form the balls, causing the obstruction, and later, breaks walls, peritonitis and death kids.

As the dog becomes infected

  1. Through fleas. If your pet is infested with fleas, a veterinarian always assigns it an appropriate remedy for worms for dogs. Because tapeworms in dogs be transferred through accidental ingestion of fleas caught them.
  2. During pregnancy. To “a gift” from mother-worming puppies can during fetal development. If by some miracle they managed to avoid it, when feeding worms still make their way into the babies.

Important! If you are planning to mate your female, be sure to perform preventive deworming – both to her and the future father of the puppies.

Infected newborn or in utero or through mother's milk
Infected newborn or in utero or through mother’s milk
  1. Through the mud. Helminth eggs are very often present in the soil. For this reason, deworming should be subjected to including those animals that live in the apartments. After all, in order to make the bot, they will have enough contact with your shoes, followed by the licking of helminth eggs with the wool. While owners of dogs in public places, they have every chance to bring the parasite eggs, and on clothing and hands.

Symptoms and treatment

Quarterly recommended deworming dogs. But most often this is done in connection with some events taking place in the life of your pet. For example, twice a year after the end of estrus, or before leaving the country and upon returning to the city.

In some cases, it is recommended that the unplanned deworming. For example, before the breeding of the dog it is held for 10 days before mating, before birth and after the add – in 7 days, small puppies for 10-14 days before each vaccination, adult dogs before annual vaccination for 10-14 days.

How to find out if dog worms? Are there any grounds on which to suspect worms in dogs, identifying the symptoms to the doctor promptly put her on treatment? — Yes, such features exist, although are not an absolute diagnostic indicators. So, how to determine that the dogs worms?

  1. The puppy is slowly growing, poorly gaining weight, depressed and inactive. The white of the eye appears bluish rim. Wool is not shiny, looks dull.
  1. If the appetite of the animal is maintained or increased, and it continues to lose in weight, while the dog vomits, and the chair is it has a liquid consistency, then almost certainly your four-legged friend is infected with worms.
  1. Worms in dogs can be directly visible in the stool or vomit (see photo).
Worms in the dog can be seen in the stool or vomit
Worms in the dog can be seen in the stool or vomit

Along with them are present in the stool mucus bloody discharge.

  1. The animal often develop constipation, symptoms of intestinal obstruction.

Important! The dog, the lumen of the intestine where the worm is covered by conglomerate, may die. If you experience constipation in the animal definitely show it to the vet!

  1. If the puppy has a swollen belly, enlarged liver or constantly growling in the stomach – don’t ignore these symptoms.
  2. Migrating larvae cause tissue damage of the respiratory system, which contributes to the layering of secondary infection and the development in dogs of bronchopneumonia.
  1. Different types of worms in dogs affect different internal organs. For example, heart worms in dogs cause symptoms, cardiovascular disease, and liver – hepatic symptoms.
  1. With the progression of the disease the dog shows loss of appetite, weakness, lethargy. The animal is observed blanching of the mucous membranes, there are skin rashes, dermatitis.

Treatment and prevention

Drugs intended for the treatment of helminthiasis, used for their prevention, and this should be done already from puppyhood. With three weeks of age, 10 days again, and for 10-14 days before first vaccination, the puppy should receive an adequate dose of an antihelminthic drug.

Important! Exceed the dose of anthelmintic is impossible! Accurately calculate the drug dosage before giving it to the puppy.

If taglistwidget puppy is very pronounced, with the death of worming their degradation products can poison the baby. In such cases, it is best to consult with your veterinarian, he will give you clear recommendations with regards to how you get rid of worms in dogs and how to give the dog a tablet from worms.

To dead worms could come out during defecation, the puppy after the adoption of the drug in half an hour you can give mineral oil. It is not absorbed in the intestine and “siphon” comes out, promoting and output parasitic conglomerate. In some cases, the animal is assigned to concomitant therapy and intravenous or subcutaneous infusion.

Mineral oil contributes to the parasitic conglomerate

As the drugs consume only adult individuals, with a strong salescounty is assigned to the repeat dose in 10 days after the first. At this time eggs will be a new worms, but still have time to postpone a fresh batch of eggs.

What are the means of worms for dogs?

Modern anthelmintic prescribed doses is not dangerous to dogs, however, it is worth remembering that the dangerous are worms themselves disintegrating at the moment of death, when a lot of them.

For the prevention of worms is a number of generic drugs

The anthelmintic are divided into 2 types:

  1. Destroying certain worms.
  2. Broad-spectrum, universal.

Universal drugs are used for regular prevention of worm infestation. And highly specialized drugs are prescribed by your veterinarian the results of the analysis in the case of massive infestations in dogs.

Please note! Puppies prescribe medicines strictly in accordance with their age and body weight, it is very important!

In terms of price-quality are well proven for puppies: Drontal Junior, diropen, prazitsid suspension, pratical.

For adult dogs: diropen plus, droncit, Drontal plus, vermoxum, cancancel, Patel and others. Beware of imitations!

While in the apartment other animals, deworming is carried out all at the same time. If not found in the feces of worms, it does not mean that the drug didn’t work. Perhaps the parasites disappeared into the gut of the animal. In addition to pills, there are drops on the withers of worms, as well as preparations manufactured in the form of sweet cubes.

If your pet is weakened, suffering chronic diseases of the liver or organs of the urinary system, or if the dog is pregnant, but she needed worming – contact your vet to prescribed for your animal any medication.

With the weakening of the dog need to go to the vet for deworming
With the weakening of the dog need to go to the vet for deworming

As mentioned above, in cases of massive infestation, at the exit of worms from the vomit or faeces in large numbers – also recommended to take a sample for the study and visit the veterinarian.

When heavy infestations of the exit take a sample and immediately turn to the vet
When heavy infestations of the exit take a sample and immediately turn to the vet

The results

In that case, if you implement our recommendations and to follow the prescription of the veterinarian you and your Pets will be protected from serious health problems caused by parasitic worms.

Monitor the health of their Pets and carry out not only treatment but also prevention
Monitor the health of their Pets and carry out not only treatment but also prevention

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